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Rivendell Faux Bois Bench Large

What is Faux Bois Furniture?

Faux Bois (faux wood) is an art form that began in France over 175 years ago, a tradition of creating furniture from iron and cement and stone with the look of real natural wood. Traditionally, curved limbs and gnarled branches with a woodsy or bark-like texture are formed into a wonderful rustic furniture piece inspired […]

Perennial flower borders

Hortulus Farms Revisited

HenFeathers & friends just revisited the fabulous Hortulus Farms, and Renny Reynolds gave Beth Featherman, and friend Caroline a special tour of the Library! We had visited Hortulus Farms one year ago in the fall and just had to see it in the summer time with its spectacular flower allees, herb gardens, and water features, beautiful! […]

Fine Planter Decor without the Plantings

When you think of planters and urns you automatically think of large bouquets of eye-catching flowers and focal point greenery. However, decorative planters by design alone can be décor or be used in other ways to dress up a space indoors and out. Take faux bois planters for example. These planters bring you the best […]

Faux Bois Furnishings, Tables and Benches

The Versatility of Faux Bois Furnishings

The art of faux bois furniture is creating a natural wood-like feel from materials that aren’t wood, such as carved stone and concrete.  This allows faux bois furniture to be the best of both worlds – all the beauty of wood, but with the longevity of stone.  A faux bois piece indeed can last for […]

Adding Urns as Graceful Elements to your Garden Rooms

Fountains, sculptures, and trellises are all wonderful garden features that add architecture, structure and focal points to a garden. “Ode to the Urn” another eye-catching feature is the shape of the urn. The urn has helped define homes and gardens of the world for centuries. From the French Countryside, the Hills of Tuscany, Paris, Venice, […]

Morris Arboretum

HenFeathers tours the Morris Arboretum The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania is the offical arboretum of Pennsylvania. Located in Chestnut Hill, just outside of Philadelphia is an amazing collection of landscapes of plants and trees from around the world. It is a wonderful place to spend a day or more exploring. It is […]

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Conservatory

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

A Visit to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens HenFeathers.com visits The Conservatories of the famous Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, NY. There is something just so wonderful about the tropical conservatories of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in the winter. Explore the wonders, from tropical,to desert,to Mediterranean temperate environments. Simply some of the most extraordinary exotic plants in a world […]

The Mediterranean Style Garden

  The Mediterranean style garden is perfect theme for gardens almost everywhere in the USA. With elements and planting ideas taken from Spanish courtyards, Italian terraces and Grecian landscapes these gardens are both low maintenance and drought tolerant and they are not restricted to the warmer climates and many plants from the Mediterranean regions can […]

Designing Gardens Around Urns & Planters

Use the HenFeathers Classic Winterthur Urn to define your “Rooms without a Roof”: HenFeathers’ Winterthur Museum Classic Urn with Handles is a faithful reproduction from the original urn found in the collection of the Winterthur Museum and Garden in Winterthur, Delaware. Shown here on a garden wall next to the main house at the Winterthur […]