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Make a statement! The design impact of wall decor groupings, Outdoors and Indoors!

Our original plaques and tiles wall art are terrific and have made our wall decor category one of our most popular.

But, many of our best sellers are complimentary and have a greater impact when displayed as a group. Take our nautical shell tiles for example. Each one is a beautiful study of a seashell in a real coldcast Bronze. Displayed individually, each is a wonderful embellishment to an outdoor or indoor room’s design, but displayed as a group, they define the space and give it character.

Nautical Shell Study Plaques – Set of 3
Moon Shell Study, Nutmeg Shell Study, and the Crown Conch Shell Study


Pine Study Bas Relief Tiles – Set of 3
Scotch Pine study tile, Spruce Pine study tile, and the White Pine study tile.


In the HenFeathers Wall Decor Collection we have many of these natural groupings so we decided to take some of our most popular and create motif sets that sell at a special group price. The nautical shells set, the pine needle studies set, and the fruit study tiles are some examples.

HenFeathers Botanical Fruit Study Tiles – Set of 3


These groupings look great displayed in any number of ways; horizontally along the broad wall of a space, vertically on the narrow (and tall) side or to define an area edge, or staggered diagonally.

Here are a couple of arangement ideas. Have fun creating your own unique design.

See the Botanical Triptych Plaques
Botanical Triptych Plaques
Vintage Botanic Study Plaques – Set of 4
Foxglove Study, Lilac Study, Lily Study and Hosta Study plaques


Vintage Botanic Study Plaques – Set of 4
Classic Circle Arrangement
Foxglove Study, Lilac Study, Lily Study and Hosta Study plaques.