Perennial flower borders

Hortulus Farms Revisited

HenFeathers & friends just revisited the fabulous Hortulus Farms, and Renny Reynolds gave Beth Featherman, and friend Caroline a special tour of the Library! We had visited Hortulus Farms one year ago in the fall and just had to see it in the summer time with its spectacular flower allees, herb gardens, and water features, beautiful! […]

Morris Arboretum

HenFeathers tours the Morris Arboretum The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania is the offical arboretum of Pennsylvania. Located in Chestnut Hill, just outside of Philadelphia is an amazing collection of landscapes of plants and trees from around the world. It is a wonderful place to spend a day or more exploring. It is […]

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Conservatory

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

A Visit to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens visits The Conservatories of the famous Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, NY. There is something just so wonderful about the tropical conservatories of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in the winter. Explore the wonders, from tropical,to desert,to Mediterranean temperate environments. Simply some of the most extraordinary exotic plants in a world […]

Longwood Gardens Conservatory

Winter is here and it’s cold outside. To keep warm HenFeathers is celebrating the indoor sun room. Sometimes called the solarium or conservatory, the home version of the sun room can be any sunny area filled with plants, vases, and water features. It can be a fully dedicated room with lots of glass and built […]

Chanticleer Gardens

Whimsical Pleasure Gardens that Bemuse and Elate the Senses.   A little while back, we at HenFeathers were amazed to discover that Chanticleer Gardens, one of America’s best gardens, was only mere miles from our door. So, we grabbed the cameras, bundled up the gear and headed over to Wayne, Pennsylvania to see what we […]

Hortulus Farms recently visited the wonderful 100 acre Gardens at Hortulus Farm, in Historic Bucks County, Pa. Hortulus Farms is a historic property with a 18th century Isaiah Warner house, barns, coops and rolling pastures. The gardens were restored in 1980 under renowned garden designer Renny Reynolds and noted garden author Jack Staub. The fabulous gardens are a […]